Friday, November 9, 2012

The Friday Diary: For Lainie

Oh, Hello Friday. I've missed you.

This week I am even more glad than usual for it to be Friday. Partially because I have the day off {holler}, but mostly because this Sunday is Lainie's birthday, and today being Friday means that I can stop thinking about work, and go to my happy place of planning her birthday.
I love birthdays, y'all.
I love making people feel special, and the idea that everyone gets one day out of the year that's just for them. A day where the people who love them show up and say "I'm glad you were born".
That might seem like a small or silly thing to tell a person, but if you've ever felt not to glad to be born, or been told that maybe you shouldn't have been born by someone important, you know just what a big deal it is to hear those words.

So, in short, I guess the Friday Diary won't be a huge deal this week. I need to go plan a good day for my little girl, who always tries so hard to make the people she loves happy.

Have an awesome weekend. 

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