Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Brief History of Beliefs

Hunter S. Thompson

I believe that music is important, and it can often tell you a lot of what you need to know about a person. I believe it's OK to choose your friends based on the music they like, at least when you're very young and still deciding who you are and what you want. I broke up with someone once over their favorite type of pie, and I've yet to regret that decision.
I believe that if I didn't write, I would suffer, and that is why I do it. I think it would be nice to be published, recognized, earn money for all this agonizing over whether to write 'an' or 'the', but if that never happens I don't think it will make much difference in my decision to write or not. After 25 years I've finally accepted that what I am is a writer.
I believe you should marry someone that you love to kiss, and you love to talk to. In 50 years when age takes it's toll, those two attributes will matter just as much, if not more, than any other quality they possess.
I believe that everyone should get dessert. I don't want to live in a world where dessert is only eaten on special occasions, and chocolate after a meal is not common place.
I believe fun should be had as often as possible, and adventure should always be my main priority. Maybe that's irresponsible or immature, but if it is than I suppose I am irresponsible and immature. What I am not though, is sorry about it.
I believe that you shouldn't judge people by their relatives. Some of us were born into a hot box of crazy, and we had more to overcome than other people, but it doesn't make us bad people. 
I believe you should able to do whatever you want with your hair when you're in high school. Cut it, dye it, shave it off, grow it down to the floor. It will grow back. You will survive. Go ahead and change.
I don't think marriage and love go hand in hand with forever very often. And I don't think that the people who do manage to stay married forever, always stay in love forever. I think being in love comes and goes, but loving a person is what matters, and that's what you work hard to do a good job at every day. I think people leave so easily once the excitement fades, instead of staying and loving that person during the in between times like they promised to, and getting creative or being flexible enough to bend and change and see things differently, so that maybe that in love rush of happiness will come back. I think I live in a generation of people who quit and leave too easily. They have this idea that they should never be asked to change or adjust anything about themselves for a significant other, and that anything less than movie-like passion is unworthy of their time. I believe someone who you can always talk to, and someone who you can always love and wouldn't want to live without is your soul mate, and the one who shows up and makes themselves meant for you by always being there and caring about your happiness as if it were their own, is the one worth sticking it out for, even during the in between times.
I believe that every once and a while you should call out of work with your boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or wife, and spend the day in bed watching movies and taking naps. 
I believe that sleep is not a sign of laziness but an indication that repair is needed. Whether physical, mental or emotional, sleep is the time that your soul uses to fix all that may be wearing down about you. Don't wake a sleeping child unless you have to, and don't see naps as a bad thing even after you're 'too old' to take them.
Work hard.
Tell the truth.
Say what you need to say.
I believe it is a long road to wisdom, but a short one to being ignored. So live your opinions rather than preach them.
Forgive yourself.
Forgive the people who never apologized.
Eat plenty of ice cream, read every book you get your hands on, and kiss like it's the very last time, every single time. Because you never know when it might be.

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