Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Should Be Doing Something


Today it is Wednesday, December 5th. 20 more days until Christmas, two and a half more weeks before my office closes for a 10 day Christmas break, two days before my company's fancy party, halfway through my holiday shopping and knee deep into my third bag of Doritos.
I should be doing something.
At the very least there are several things I shouldn't be doing, like eating 3 bags of Doritos two days before my company Christmas party to which I {mistakenly} decided to wear a dress that shows my figure. At the last minute it was between that dress and a sequenced moo moo. Now that it's here and I've actually practiced squeezing my fat into it, I feel like I made the wrong choice.
When in doubt, always choose Moo Moo.
I should be doing something about the two furry caterpillars that are making their way across the bridge of my nose to be friends in the middle of my forehead, a.k.a. my long suffering and over neglected eye brows.
I should be cleaning and putting stuff away and arranging the living room in some kind of Christmas friendly fashion. Finishing my decorating, perhaps, and busting out the holiday dishes.
I should be grocery shopping, meal planning, doing laundry and checking my budget.
I should be pulling one of the five million post it notes I've got stuck to my bathroom mirror with phrases, sentences or even just words scribbled down on them in red pen, and working on the book I'm supposedly writing.

I am doing none of this, now or in the foreseeable future.
Instead I am sitting at my computer in pajamas and bed hair, watching Doctor Who far past my bedtime, while the dishes in my kitchen sink grow Penicillin.

I don't feel all that bad about it, because it's Wednesday and sometimes I would rather not care about things.

Sometimes, I would rather have Doritos and Doctor Who.

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