Friday, January 25, 2013

The Friday Diary: Let's Make Brownies and Watch Steel Magnolias





Dear 17 Year Old Check Out Clerk at Fry's, you asked me the other day how the goatee you're growing makes you look. I think the answer is in the question.
Dear PMS, this week you were responsible for me eating two cheeseburgers {both doubles}, a whole pan of brownies, crying through 6 episodes of Parenthood, crying in a Filiberto's parking lot, and probably upwards of three temper tantrums. We are not friends.
Dear Weather, you're so schizophrenic lately. You're 80 degrees one minute, 50 the next. I just don't know how to feel about you anymore.



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I finished Empire Falls this week. It was good. Long, but good. It is one of those books that when someone asks what its about, you don't have any idea how to answer them, because its not about a specific identifiable event. Its more just a snapshot in time of the life of a man who runs a diner, is getting divorced, and raising a teenage girl. There are a lot of characters, each one more complicated and interesting than the last, and even though the story really is about the one guy, you hear it from the perspectives of several of the people in his life.
I love that.
Its a good book to read when you're feeling lazy about reading, because you can pick it up, read a few pages, put it down for weeks, pick it back up and be so hooked you have to finish it right. now.
If you haven't read it, go get it.



We got a kitty on Sunday. Her name is Wednesday and she is the best thing since Banana Nut Bread and coffee. I love her to pieces, and to be honest I was expecting to just be OK with her at best. She's just too adorable.
This also completes my November goal, which means I need a new one...suggestions?



Free Printable ~ 40 High Resolution Old Maps - I have been looking for these.

40 free, downloadable vintage map printables. You can find all 40 here. 



I may or may not still have my Christmas tree up. The good news is its fake and probably won't burn the house down. The bad news is its never coming down.


Funny Shit I Saw

Looks like you have a lot on your mind. Wanna drink about it?


If you ever need a slightly distracted, unsympathetic friend, I'm here for you.

In conclusion, I'm off today and will be spending my time taking Wednesday for her check up and not changing out of my pajamas.

Happy Friday.


  1. There is no reference to steel magnolias in this post. At. All.

    1. No, because eating brownies and watching steel magnolias is what I WANT TO DO because I'm hormonal. And anyway, I DO WHAT I WANT.