Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ok, Ok, so I know I promised y'all a surprise on Monday, and it's now Wednesday, and basically I failed.
BUT I have a good reason. Lainie wanted to make a video of our amazing dance moves and post it on here, because she inherited my shameless nature, but she wasn't feeling well Monday, had a high fever Tuesday and is still recovering today. I'm home with her and on my third cup of coffee, so I'm all HELLO BLOG WORLD LET'S TALK ABOUT THINGS.
I'm sensitive to caffeine apparently.
Anyhow, as soon as the little monster is feeling all better, I promise you will get a glimpse of the ridiculousness that goes on up in this house on a near daily basis. I mean who needs a gym membership when they have a 9 year old that insists on Justin Beiber dance parties every half hour?
No one.
I will however follow through on my promise to give you a whole mess of pictures of the shit we've been doing lately.
You're welcome.

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