Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to the Tree Fort


Well, here we are everybody, inside the new little bubble of privacy that so far, I'm feeling pretty awesome about. I feel so much more comfortable, and while I am a little sad that "growing my readership" won't be an option for a while, that isn't something I was putting any work into at all before going private anyway, and it wasn't something I had the energy to do at this point, so I think I'm OK with putting that off for a while. 
In the meantime, we can all have this nice little tree fort where we can say anything we want, and know we're among friends. 
Like a support group, except there's no free coffee and hopefully everyone is wearing deodorant and not mouth breathing like Darth Vader.
Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to those of you who asked for access to keep reading. The simple fact that you were willing to go through the hassle of signing in every time you come check this little blog, made me feel like writing here every day is worth it. 
You make my heart big, and I love every one of you for that.

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