Friday, March 15, 2013

The Friday Diary: Offending cows and Taylor Swift at the same time isn't easy. Or is it?

Exactly how I feel when arriving at the beach. So cute & so true.

1. This week has been a hot crazy cake of car emissions, mechanic shops, stress and worry. I am so glad it's Friday now and I can have many glasses of wine and relax. 

2. Speaking of wine, today is also pay day AND jeans day. OMGYES.

3. This week I read so many good blog posts and articles around the internets. The first was this post by Elizabeth at Flourish in Progress about how some people still see you as "That Girl". The messed up, crazy, terrible girl you used to be, and when you run into them now you feel a swell of conflicting emotion between wanting to run so they don't come talk to you and remind you of how you once were {they always do} and wanting to stand your ground and let them see you now as "This Woman" instead of That Girl. As a former That Girl myself, I had a similar experience this weekend with someone that barely knew me three years ago, but apparently saw just enough to know I was a big ball of fucked up, and made an awkward, confusing attempt at complimenting me now on how far I've apparently come. 
The second most amazing thing I read this week was this post by Elizabeth at E Tells Tales, about the fear we feel for our children as we watch them reaching out to the world, because we know all the hurt and the pain that will most likely find them in their lives, and we want to protect them. She moved me to damn tears when she wrote
"The reaching is scary, but isn't it true that your life is only worth the reaching that you do? I hope I get to teach Everett that."
My little heart was just nodding along with that like it was the Gospel truth. E knows how to touch people, for real. 

4. Lainie finally caved on being a vegetarian. In your face, cows. 

5. Also over the weekend, I cut my hair. 

I officially have mom hair. Holler.

6. You know what this is?

Chapter one, is what that is. It's blurred so none of y'all steal my genius. I'm just kidding, I was in the car and my hands shake like a boy touching boobs for the first time. 

7. Completely forgot I had this song on my iPod

And when it came on randomly I was like "OMGYESIREMEMBEREVERYWORDTOTHISSONG" and then proceeded to bump it as loud as I could, in my minivan with the windows down while I rolled through Scottsdale. #shamelesswhitegirl4life

8. I found this on Pinterest
And it made me happy because I AM dating myself, and I DO surprise myself with Starbucks, like ALL THE TIME. It is adorable. 

9. Have you finally broken down and watched the Taylor Swift goat video? Because it's fucking hilarious. Watch it. 


Happy Friday. 


  1. As always, one of my favorite blogs to read. The pic at the top should definitely make the fridge...

    1. Haha I found it on Pinterest and it makes me laugh SO HARD every time I look at it. It is exactly how Friday feels.