Wednesday, April 10, 2013

100 Dreams Ago At Least

When I was 14, my best friend Sarah and I had the entire world figured out.
We were going to graduate high school and tour the country from coast to coast in an old purple VW bus that my dad had in the back of his junk yard. Sure, it had been rotting into the ground for the last 3 years, but we could fix it up! Sure, it had no windsheild, seats, or tires and was missing half the floor board. We were independent ladies, we could fix that.
We had a spiral notebook where we wrote each other letters and notes back and forth, swapping it between classes. The pages were filled with nothing but our plans. How we would start in California {obviously} and travel up the entire coast. Hit up Oregon, Washington, Idaho. Make our way down to Colorado through Wyoming, then Utah, Nevada, New mexico and Texas. We'd travel along the southern border and party in Louisiana with locals. We'd buy peaches in Georgia and use fake names in the Florida Keys. Then we'd move up the East coast, kissing boys with Boston accents in crowded bars and wearing their leather jackets. We'd go to SoHo, the Village, give a hitch hiker a ride to Vermont and then eat ourselves sick on seafood in Maine.
Since we were young, whenever one our individual visions for the trip differed, we over looked it, pretending that our futures aligned exactly and we'd be best friends forever.
We weren't, of course, and life took us both in seperate directions. The VW bus was eventually sold, and I've still never been to Vermont.
That was almost 12 years ago, and I've had many dreams since then. Some I've decided to put on hold for a while. Some I've had a taste of, and decided to walk away from forever. Some are just there, floating like starfish in my mind, occasionally bobbing up into focus and twinkling with possibility.
I think of destiny sort of like an outline.
The basic outline of your path is given to you, but you have a lot of room for variations, and there are hundreds of ways that your story could turn out based on the choices that you make, and which dreams you decide to pursue.

How many dreams have you had?

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