Friday, May 31, 2013

The Friday Diary: No links or anything because I'm conserving all my energy to put toward pretending to like summer.

Happy friday, lovers!
Today is an exceptionally good day, because it's Friday, it's jeans day, AND it's payday.
The trifecta of amazing.
All I need now is some queso dip and a margarita and I will literally be the happiest girl ever.

Now that it's officially summer in Arizona, the kids are out of school, the temperature is creeping up to boob-sweat-degrees, and I'm punishing everyone who doesn't own sunglasses by flashing my ghostly white, literally glowing, legs all over town in shorts and sundresses.
I'm trying really hard to not hate summer this year.
{for more information about my hatred of summer, just search 'summer' in that handy dandy search box on your right and you will find no less than 30 posts about why I hate it - and it's not just because of the boob sweat}
Each weekend I am trying to pack our days with fun summertime things to do.
I stocked the house with water guns, water balloons, and stuff to make popsicles every day of the week.
We're going to the splash pad, the water park, and obviously the dollar theater because it's cheap, there's air conditioning and nobody cares if your 5 year old talks the whole time.
Also I should just buy stock in the sunscreen industry now, right?

So, this weekend we'll be swimming with friends, bike riding in Tempe, visiting the splash pad at least once, and making popsicles.

What do you do when it's hotter than Satan's jacuzzi outside?

Happy Friday my loves!
Keep it in your pants.

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