Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 Goals: June, Write every day. Hell.

So I literally JUST looked at my calendar and realized its June. And we're five days in. 
Also, I just remembered I had set some sort of goal for this month....and I'm five days into not working on it at all.
But, here I am and I'm going to make it right.
Sort of.
My goal this month is to write everyday.
Right now that's easy, because I've had two vodka and lemonades and I feel like chatting.
Hi. How are you? Do you like Ray Lamontagna? Me too.
I don't feel that bad about slightly drunk writing, because Hemingway always said to write drunk and edit sober, and therefore I am just taking sage advice from a classic and successful {and alcoholic} writer, and my mother always said to listen to your elders.
Actually she always said not to pack your cigarettes really well so you don't lose the cherry when you ash them, because she was also an alcoholic and a fucking terrible mother.
This is getting heavy.
Anyway, I am going to try and write everyday. 
At least every remaining day, in June, since five days have clearly passed.
I can't promise every post will be as deep and eloquent as this one, but I promise I will write SOMETHING every day. 
I hope you're excited, because I'm sure as hell not, and if neither of us are then what is the point of this god forsaken journey, I ask you???

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