Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Summer Night Drive

There are few things that I love about summer at all more than being able to drive with the windows down at night.
I am a sucker for a night drive.
A perfect song on the radio, and blooming Summer wind swirling through the cab of the car, carrying the smells of desert sage, Jacaranda trees, and creosote bushes.
Inky blue skies and sunscreen still lingering from earlier in the day.
You can pack your kids in the car, turn on something soothing to listen to, and roll their heavily tinted windows down so they can see how the city sparkles at night, or if you find an unlit road, how many more stars you can see in the sky.
You can relax because they're safely strapped in behind you. The closest you'll come to having them in a cozy little sack on your back now that they're so big. And they'll eventually drift off to sleep, leaving you free to drive and roam and wander to your hearts content.
I love this city at night.

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