Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Until school starts again I won't be able to put together coherent sentences

I was accused recently of not posting enough these days.
I don't deny the charges.
Things just haven't been all that post worthy lately.
We're trudging through the last two weeks of Summer, and y'all we are limping across that finish line.
This season's play clothes will need to be burned and the ashes burried on the even of the first day of school.
I am literally so tired of black little feet from sandals - and kid's that like to run around without shoes at all - trecking all over my white tile, I could scream.
I never thought I would miss putting socks on little feet and tying tennis shoes a hundred million times a day.
It is tradition in our house to go school shopping on the last weekend of Summer {a tradition that honestly was born out of pure laziness and procrastination} but now every time I go to The Target and pass the big barrels and bins of pencils and back packs that are still clean and notebooks that are still crisp and full of promise, I think about the long days of my kids being occupied and entertained and schlepped around by someone other than me, and I can't help but salivate.
{In unrelated news, I am no longer welcome at two different Chandler Targets}
I know I sound like a rigid, nerdy, and completely un-fun mom when I say that I am so excited for the school year to start, but I don't care.
I can't wait.
A regular 8 p.m. bedtime again, especially when I don't have to hear "But Mooooooom, it's SUMMER TIME! Why can't I just stay up FOREVER?!"
A routine that Lainie thrives on, with her little type A self, which seems to fall completely and spectacularly to shit in the Summer.
And of course, the promise that Fall is right around the corner.
I might be a nerd, but when school starts, Happy Sarah seems to return.
To all you other parents out there who feel the same, group hug.
This season is like the worst.

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