Friday, September 27, 2013

The Friday Diary: Better late than never, and it's still technically Friday, so just pipe the fuck down.

This is sooo me..

Hi, it's 11:14 at night, which makes this post very late, but technically still on Friday, SO IT COUNTS.
How are you all?

This week was a mix of very exciting, and very stressful all at the same time, so I am happy, and also tired, and please bring me chips.
So many big things are happening right now!
I got a new camera!
I got a new lens for my new camera!
It's under 90 degrees in Phoenix right now, which means it's Fall and I put Pumpkin spice in my coffee today!
Season 10 of Grey's Anatomy premiered! 
Also, I am shooting a wedding for the very. first. time. tomorrow.
And a newborn shoot on Sunday.
Like a super new newborn.
Born on Friday, newborn.
Oh my God, you guys. So many things.

The stressful side of things?
I got a new camera because my camera {which was a gift, and I loved it more than anything else I've ever owned ever} broke on Monday. 
That was stressful.
Lainie was completely ape-shit this week. I think we're in full on pre-teen girl phase, and it sucks hard. She growls, she throws things, she called me an asshole.
Yep. You heard {read?} that right.
That was stressful. I cried. There is not a carbohydrate left in this house that I didn't eat.
Also, I ran out of sugar for my coffee like two days ago and keep forgetting to buy more, and I get the whole "first world problem" thing, but that doesn't make it less of a problem, ok you guys?

I'm trying to just focus on the positive things {Fall! Pumpkins! Photography!} and not let the lack of sugar and being called an asshole by my daughter get to me.
This weekend will be busy, and exciting, and busy.
I'm unbelievably nervous about this wedding tomorrow - hence why I'm writing a blog post at 11 pm instead of sleeping - but I'm super stoked, and I feel, deep down, past all the anxiety sweat and nerves, really ready.
I was made to do this, and I am so ready to take the next step.
Still, pray for me that I dont vomit on the bride, trip over anything important, or say fuck loud enough for anyone to hear me.

If you need me tomorrow before the wedding, I'll be driving around industrial neighborhoods in Phoenix looking for Junkyards to do an engagement photo shoot in next weekend.
I live kind of a weird life, I'm aware.

What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Friday, y'all. 
Don't puke on any brides or new babies.

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