Friday, September 20, 2013

The Friday Diary: Inappropriate work attire, meeting my idol, and how Miley Cyrus ruined my blog

Today isn't jeans day at work, so I decided to still be a little casual. Reppin' the Hi My Name Is Mark and some wrinkly ass pants at work today.
{don't worry, I wore a cardigan over the shirt. I'm not that badass.}
So, it's Friday everybody!
We all made it!
We're gonna be alright.
This week was crazy busy.
Work, kids, small business. Holy wow.
I'm ready for some wine and girl time, which makes it a good thing that Lucia and Ryder are coming over tonight.
Lucia, if you're reading this, bring wine.
Yesterday, I had the honor of taking my favorite wedding photographer in the valley to lunch at The Herb Box. You can read more about that here, but basically, long story short: SQUEE!
It was awesome.
Something I learned this week: posting a video of Miley Cyrus swinging nakies on a wrecking ball is very polarizing.
I got some texts and emails saying "I love that song! Go Miley!" and then I got some that were all "How DARE YOU MAKE ME WATCH THIS SMUT?! You have a daughter, you should know better!"
Lesson learned. I will always probably offend everyone.
Pretty ok with that.
Anyhow, that's our week, that's our world.
This weekend will be busy with a wedding photography consultation, a family photo shoot, and lots of work on my website.
Hopefully somewhere in there somebody will save me with a bottle of Crown and good company.
Accepting applicants for that now.
Happy Friday, lovers.
Keep it in your pants.

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