Thursday, November 7, 2013

Working from Home: The good, the bad, and the yoga pants

Since Friday of last week, I've been working from home, full time on my photography business trying to get it off the ground.
A friend texted me yesterday, to sarcastically say "I bet you're super jealous of me, going to my office job right now. I know you miss the office life sooooo much!"
My first instinct was to gag, and say "Yeah, no. Not at all" but then I remembered that today was supposed to be Pot Luck day, and I did kind of miss it.
Not my desk...or the dress code....or my boss.....or the politics, or environment, or work load, or type of work, or hours or.....anything really but the pot lucks. But hey, I can say I sort of missed something about it!

Working from home is good.
For me, it is so so good.
It's where I thrive, and where I belong.
It's my happy place.
But I have started to discover over the past week, that there are some pros and cons.....
And so, I present you:

The good
The bad
And the yoga pants.

I feel like that basically sums it up.

Really, I love what I'm doing. 
I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
The only thing I can honestly say I miss is the co-workers that I liked, and there were a couple that I really did like a lot.
Chris, and Hector, Todd and Jenny were some of my favorites.

But I'll take Wednesday and Keiko and my fancy slippers any day.

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