Monday, March 3, 2014


Gonna be? I love this
So here we are, all moved into our new house, and it looks like we all {somehow} survived.
My new couch came, and I'm pretty sure it's made of angel wishes and clouds, and is the best thing ever.
Now that I'm not moving though, I guess I have to stop using that as an excuse and get back to work like everyone else.
My new associate photographer has her very first wedding coming up day after tomorrow, and I'm not sure who is more nervous, her or me. Bringing someone else into my business is fun and exciting but also really hard for me. On the one hand I don't trust anyone, and I like to be in control. On the other I'm glad to be able to pass on clients that can't afford to me someone less expensive, but still get to handle the business side of things which I really enjoy, and make a little money off it. And on another hand {maybe foot because I think now I'm out of hands} I am an adult child of an alcoholic which means I have boundary issues and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone mad so I feel awkward and uncomfortable saying things like "hand out my business cards at the wedding, not yours" or "if any of these images go on your facebook page, they need to include my logo, or at least say on behalf of sarah horne photography"

I don't know if I make a good boss.
I try.
We'll see how it all goes.

I'm still excited to watch Kourtney thrive and grow and come into her own.
She has a natural talent and I think she'll make a great photographer.
I'm choosing to be positive.

In other news, my first wedding of the year is on Friday, after a nice long two month break.
I like weddings, but that doesn't take away from how physically demanding they are, and how much time goes into them, from the first client consultation to their engagements to the wedding itself.
And the editing.
Shoot me now.
I sometimes walk out of a wedding with 2,000 pictures on my memory card.
Culling through all those and editing the keepers?
I will need all the coffee. 
And wine.

All of it.

But I'm excited still. Weddings are a photographer's wet dream. They're like styled editorial shoots, but with real people instead of just models. So many pretty, well planned details to photograph, so much emotion, so many great moments.
It will be exhausting, but it will be fun, and I'm ready to come out of my wedding hibernation.

Not much else is new right now, really.
The kids get bigger, I get busier, life goes on.
There are small victories, like a kitchen that's stayed clean for a solid week and a wedding booked in Louisiana. Jackson sleeping in his own room now, and not stress eating all the Girl Scout cookies at once.
Nothing huge, nothing life changing.

Just the steady accumulation of small moments that when added altogether equal a life.

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