Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Good Parts  Watercolor Painting  Love Man Woman Art Print 12X16 by PortLove, $35.00

I've never been particularly great at being happy.
I'm the girl with abandonment issues. I'm the girl who is always waiting for it to all fall apart.
One thing I've tried hard to get better at though, is recognizing when something good just happened, and letting myself play it over and over in my head, as many times as I want.
See, when you come from shit, when you experience trauma on a regular basis, you learn to play that shit over and over in your head. 
It's easier to believe than the good things.
It's easier to recognize. 
It's unfortunately, a hell of a lot more reliable in your experience.

So I never knew how to notice a good moment when it was happening, but lately I've been trying to lock that shit down.

When you order soup at Wildflower and they put it in a bread bowl without charging you the extra $1.99, so you don't have to dig a little soup moat into the roll they give you.
When you live in Arizona and it's a perfect 75 and breezy, during a month that's usually 98 and hell.
When your favorite rap song comes on the radio while someone who has yet to experience your dope rap skills is in the car with you, and you nail that shit and obviously impress the shit out of them.

When you ask the person you love what they're thinking, and they pull you in a little closer and say that they love you. That they love you a lot. That they'll love you forever and ever.

And then some.

That's the shit I've been trying to teach myself to savor.
To replay.
To memorize.
And it's so goddamn sweet, I wish I could bottle it.
I wish I could record it and play it in the car.
I wish I could box it up, and live inside it whenever I want to.

It's nice, to know all the words to a good moment, and let yourself rely on there being more of them.

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