Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter

Well, guys. Here we are again...

Another fucking Easter.

I had a whole post planned about how much I hate this holiday, and about how much I hate doing kid-oriented holidays {which, I'm sorry, if you're not religious this is really a kid oriented holiday in my opinion} by myself, and it was very whiny, and self involved, and ridiculous.

But then I deleted that shit.

Sometimes you have to write down all the shit that's really pissing you off, and totally bitch about how crappy your stupid life is, and how much you're suffering, and how unjust it all is, in order to see it there on digital paper, and be, bitch.
Calm down, and delete that business, because life is good.
You're making money, the kids are healthy and alive and all that, you had some pretty bomb Cajun food this week.
It's all good.
And really, you only hate holidays because you don't like your blood-related family, and you're pissed that by this age you still haven't picked up a new one.

I totally thought someone would've adopted me by now.

We all know I hate Easter, but I'll survive it.
We all know I hate doing kid holidays alone, but I'll survive that too. Also I just found out that Bill is coming over tonight to help me hide eggs and pour drinks, because hiding eggs is a lot more fun for me when I've had exactly two Flirtinis, so I'm actually pretty stoked.

For those of you who love Easter, happy Easter.
I hope it's filled with chocolate and family and Christ wandering around outside his tomb and stuff.
For those of you who don't love Easter, happy Margarita Sunday.
I hope it's filled with Margaritas and people to drink them with and nobody getting arrested.

This isn't Christmas, after all, you guys. 
Save the domestic violence and DUI's for the real holidays.

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