Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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Earlier today, I had some work to do. Pictures that needed to finish being edited, galleries that needed to be made, CD's to burn, package, and mail out. And like a million "thank you notes" to write. I feel like the "thank you" notes are the best, and worst thing about my life.
I love getting thank you notes, don't you? I mean, it's really tight to take your time and energy and money, and spend all that shit on another person, in whatever way, and then get a hand written card back saying how much they appreciated it. 
And besides it seems like some super grown up, classy ass shit to do. 
I didn't grow up in a world of thank you notes or stationary...or real people that had those things, and knew the appropriate occasions in which to bust them out, seemed like the real pimps to me.
They're also the worst though, because they take forever to write and make my hand all crampy.


I had all this shit to do, and I sat down to get to work, but my stomach started growling.
You can't work on an empty stomach, you know. It's not good for you. 
So, off to the kitchen I went to make a little snack, when I thought to myself "Self, you should eat a salad. Salads are really good for you, and you have a pretty huge ass." 
Myself agreed with me that a salad sounded good.
Unfortunately though, there really wasn't much in the fridge to make a salad with. 
"Self" I thought again. "Maybe you wouldn't be so chubby if you had more healthy food in the house!" 
This seemed legit, so I figured I should go to the store. 
Work could wait a minute, ok, I need to eat to LIVE. Jesus.
It was a nice day out though, and since I was going to try to be healthier, I decided to walk to the store instead of drive.
I live in Phoenix, which I walk places basically never. Phoenix is not laid out well for walking. Residential neighborhoods surround little shopping centers and strip malls like vast oasis', and go on for what seems like forever. You can easily walk a mile or two before you even get out of your neighborhood and close to major street, where things like stores and shit would be. 
I don't live that far from the store - right behind it, actually - but my point is, I like never walk places, so I'm not used to that shit.
I walked a couple blocks, and was starting to really regret my choice, but I'd forgotten my phone, so I couldn't call anyone to come get me. 
I started thinking about how it's really nice that we live in a better part of town now, and not the ghetto where I grew up. If I was back in Sunnyslope today, I would not be walking to the store because I don't want to die right now. I'd probably just drive everywhere and be fat forever. 
Anyway, I walked like 27 blocks, maybe was hot, I lost count, and finally made it to the store. 
Turns out healthy food is expensive, so I got a burrito. 

Back at home it was time to get serious.
I sat down to work, just when my cat Keiko sat down next to my desk, and rolled over on her back, showing her little tummy and purring at me. You gotta reward that, right? Right. So I sat down to pet her for a few hours, because keeping close relationships with the people and things I love is important to me. 

While I was down there petting her, Jackson and Lainie came in and reminded me it was 5 pm, and time to go swimming. 
We all suited up, and headed out to the pool. The water was really nice, and we had a really good time. 

And now I'm writing this blog post.

Because I really, really, really, don't want to do anything productive today. 

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