Friday, June 13, 2014

Five things that are good right now

True Story: I haven't been this excited about Friday since last Friday!

As always, in no particular order...

1. Coming home to my babies after three days in Vegas.
Sometimes the best way to remember that being a single mom isn't so bad, is to not be a mom at all for a couple days.

I made them with the kids, and again on girls night with Lucia, Ryder, Jackson, and his permanent shadow, Aubrey. They are the bestest. 

3. Watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark", with Lainie.
I sometimes - lovingly - call Lainie my princess of darkness, because she shares my life long affinity for things that are a little creepy, a little dark, a little gothic, a little left of center. My favorite movie when I was growing up was {and secretly still is} The Addam's Family. Lainie's is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because of this shared love for the macabre, we used to watch Ghost Hunters International together, but we burned through all the available episodes on Netflix pretty quick. In search of another show to watch together, I discovered that Are You Afraid of the Dark is FREE on Amazon Prime, and we watch a few episodes together whenever Jack is sleeping, or otherwise preoccupied. I loved this show as a kid, and sharing it with my little mini-me is pretty cool. 

4. Surprise Starbucks and coffee cake 

5. Blogging again. I know I was absent for a good long while, but it feels good to come back and tell stories and track the small moments of our lives here.

Happy Friday.

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