Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Analrapist. One of my favorite parts of Arrested development!!! too funny!!

Life has been interesting lately.
I tried for a while to think of a clever way to be coy and vague while still interesting, but I came up with nothing, so how about I just be short, and promise to explain later?
I'm starting another business, and my entire life has revolved around that lately.
I am without questions, addicted to my business right now. I eat, drink, sleep, and dream the new website I am trying to make from scratch with the help of my trusty nerd-friend Camdon.
You guys, making websites is legit. I had no idea how complicated it is, or how much effort goes into making even a simple website look good. If you're ever curious, go to your favorite website, and pick what seems like the simplest feature on it. Let's say, the little buttons at the bottom that let you go to the next page, ok? Right click on that bad boy and hit "inspect element". Look at how many lines of code it takes to make that ONE. LITTLE. THING. I will bet you dollars to donuts it's at least 10 lines of code to make that motherfucker.
Anyway, it's been pretty intense.
I feel like the deeper I sink into the addiction and boatloads of work that comes with a new venture, the more I check out of everything else going on in my life. 
I feel bad about it, but everybody's Facebook updates, and Instagrams, and text messages from people just to chat...I lack the attention span for it. 
I don't want to! I want to text back, I want to like your status, I want to comment on your Instagram and talk and hang out and fucking engage with you, but I can't seem to right now. 
I start to try, and then BAM logo ideas, business name options, and how to make a toggle menu in HTML take over my brain and I'm gone. The next thing I know it's five hours later and you're pissed I never answered your text.
I'm sorry, guys.
Maybe if it's ok that I just text you about CSS files and branding options, I'll get back to you a little sooner.
Just ask Camdon and Bill. 
Camdon's building my website with me {sorry Camdon}, and Bill is my never-ending resource for business advice {sorry Bill}, and I talk to them non fucking stop. In fact they would probably both love to pass me onto someone else for a while. 

Anyway, that's lately.
Hopefully we'll get the business named, the brand established, the website built and launched, soon, and I can be a human again.
Well, for like a day.
After six years of trying, Bill has finally found a way to turn me into a workaholic: giving me my own businesses.

I might not be normal again for a long time.
But, I really am having so much fun! And I think that's what matters.

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