Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Kiss, love, couple, black and white, tattoo, neck

I fell in love with your eyes, your smile, the scent of your t-shirts, the way your voice sounds like rain. 
I fell in love with your ideas, the way you see the world, your originality, and your humble bravery. With the way you laugh, the crinkle in the bridge of your nose, your blue shirts, how you say my name.
I fell in love with the small moments of unexpected vulnerability, when you told me shy secrets in the dark, with my head on your chest and no one else around. One of your many tender surprises. 
Like notes written to me in Italian, coffee I didn't have to ask for, breakfast in bed. 
I fell in love with talking to you, the way you made me laugh, the way we understood each other. I even fell in love with our darkness. The accidental closeness that could only come from sharing the same scars, from making the same mistakes.
There are every day things, lulls, times when nothing exciting happens. 
And then the rest of the time is laced with a kind of magic.
A feeling as special and as captivating as the moon's love for the sea, and just as 




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