Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Ambivert

Saw on Aggie's blog- Hilar and true

Shy. Demure. Bashful. Mousy. Repressed.

Words I don't think have been used to describe me since....ever.
I'm an extrovert. I like social interaction, parties don't bother me, talking to strangers is no issue, public speaking only makes me moderately nervous.
Still though, despite what most people would immediately assume, I like alone time. I'm private about weird things, and I really don't like people to be in space, or especially to touch my stuff.

I know this is weird. Stay with me.

I have no issue sharing my stuff, it's not that. If you come to my house and need anything from a glass of water to some of my own clothes, by all means, they're yours.

But let me get them for you.

I hate when people go through my stuff, or god forbid: move my stuff.
I don't really love it when my at-home routine gets unexpectedly thrown off my someone else, and house guests that stay more than a night start to give me anxiety.
It's not that I don't want them there, necessarily, it's just that...I can't do all my secret single behaviors around them.

If you ever watched Sex and the City you know what a Secret Single Behavior is, and we all have them.

It's not anything deviant or weird {necessarily}, it's just habits and hobbies and routines that we relish in, that we wouldn't particularly want an audience for.
Stuff you do when you're totally alone, that you feel out of balance if you can't do for a long period of time.
Mine? Every once in a while after the kids go to bed I change into my comfiest jammies and sprawl on the couch and watch movies I've already seen 800,000,000 times {read: Jerry Maguire, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, basically anything and everything Nora Ephron}. I play games on my phone, eat gross junk food, and generally behave like a fucking sloth. And I love it.
It's not my only secret single behavior, but man. It's probably my favorite.
I probably wouldn't do it exactly the same way if I lived with a man, or had house guests over.
I'd feel the need to dress appropriately, negotiate what we watch, eat vegetables, and sit like a lady and not like this:

My lazy fat cat!

I can do that for a night or two, but after a while I start to get twitchy feeling like I can't do all my secret/embarrassing/favorite rituals that help me rest and recharge and feel like myself.

So I guess this means I'm an extroverted-introvert.

Or I'm an asshole who has to constantly be in control and can't deal with not being able to be disgusting and lazy whenever she wants. I don't know.

What are your secret single behaviors?

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