Friday, March 25, 2011

No "These Moments" This week

So I started what was supposed to be a new tradition last Friday of posting a picture of my family in a very ordinary, everyday situation that still reminded me in some way of how lucky and blessed I am. But this week, I have no "This Moment" to share, and that sucks. This tradition isn't off to a fantastic start, huh? I think this week, my new tradition fell to the furthest back burner because this week has kind of sucked, and been really busy, and honestly I have felt completely drained, exhausted and on the verge of getting sick. Today I had a migraine that literally made me say out loud "I would rather give birth to Jackson all over again, all 19 hours of natural labor, than have this fucking headache" and I meant it. If a genie had popped out of the mattress and offered to grant that wish, I would have gladly accepted faster than he could say "Alla-Ka-Zam!" I bought a huge ass bottle of Excedrin Migraine and a big ass dark chocolate bar, and I am happy to report my boo boo is all better now.
My moment this week, while I don't (sadly) have a picture of it, is laying in bed tonight recovering from my headache, with Jackson curled next to me. He reaches over with his soft, pillowy baby hand, and gently, lovingly starts stroking my cheek and my arm, and nuzzles into my neck. He was so loving and sweet, and amazingly emotionally intelligent for a 2 year old boy! I lay there praying, praying, BEGGING God, to please please please let me remember this moment forever. Please let me remember the soft, sweet touch of his little boy hand on my arm as I lay there in pain, feeling sorry for myself. Let me remember his love, and his sweet thoughtfulness that is far beyond his years, and the way he smiled up at me, as tears filled my eyes, and he curled closer to my body, and I could feel all his warmth. What a sweet little boy. How, in a million life times could I have EVER gotten so damn lucky?!

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