Monday, August 8, 2011

The Anniversary of My Spawning

I turned 24 today. 
My daughter started 2nd grade today. 
I moved to Arizona from California 19 years ago today. 
I had started my own business, quit my job and started on the path to a new life 1 year ago today.
I started at Shadow Mountain High School, where I met Kevin Uhl, Samantha Hansen, Meghan McNeilly and Neil Klemetsrud
10 years ago today. 
I was very pregnant with Tiny, in a little apartment in Northwest Phoenix, turning 16 and dreaming about the future, 8 years ago today. 

It's amazing how things change. 

How time turns everything, and what you were once so sure of, you now think is funny to have ever dreamt about at all. 
Last year at this time I was pining away for Bill Becker, hoping against hope that everything would work out. Now I am wondering why I ever thought that relationship was a good idea. 
At this very moment I am seriously love lusty and starry eyed over a boy in the Navy who might end up breaking my heart. But I can't wait to find out anyway. 

Where will I be by my next birthday?
Who will I love?
Will they love me back?
Will I be somewhere in New Hampshire with my handsome Sailor, living the crazy life of a Navy wife?
Or will I be in Seattle, with Meghan, Samus and Kevin, living out my dream of being...anywhere but here?

It's amazing what changes in a year. And how fast time seems to fly once you hit puberty. Once you know what you want. Once you realize how short life is. Once you start wishing time would slow down, even just a little bit. 

Thank you to the people, friends and family, that made this birthday a special one. Thank you to Bill, for the first birthday cake I've had in 10 years, for the drinks, the chips and conversation. And for honestly saying "I want to always matter to you. Cuz you will always matter to me."
Thank you to the Roomie for teaching my kids to sing happy birthday to me, and for giving me my 2nd birthday cake in 10 years. 
Thank you Samus for my awesome hairbow. 
Thank you Meghan for my balloons, Starbucks and Olive Garden. And for being you.
And thank you to my kids who make every birthday worth having. 

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