Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16 year old me, 

This is probably the thinnest you will ever be. So stop saying you're fat, and rock the living shit out of that bikini. 

I'm sorry to say that red is not your color. It probably never will be. 

People give you a lot of shit right now for wearing black. For having black hair. For wanting piercings and tattoos. Guess what? Some of them will tell you later that the black hair, lip ring and individual style was your best look. Some of them will never stop giving you shit. But when you're 24, you will wish you would have told them all to fuck off. 

You had a baby young. You are going to make a lot of mistakes. You are going to regret them all. But she's your daughter, you're her mother. No one comes between that. Period. 

A lot of boys are going to say a lot of things to you. Most of them won't be true. This won't be the last time. But don't give up. Love is worth it. 

Don't listen to everything your father says. Listen to the good stuff, ignore the shitty stuff, and remember he's sicker than he even knows, but you're his daughter and he loves you.

Stop tweezing your own eyebrows. You're bad at it. 

Also, stop cutting your own hair. You're bad at that too.

You're a good writer. Keep writing.

You're doing alright. And everything is going to be Ok. 

Trust me.

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