Wednesday, September 14, 2011

62 Things I Want to do With You

  1. Build a fort and watch movies in it.
  2. Stay in bed for an entire day.
  3. Wear fake mustaches to a party and give no explanation as to why.
  4. Take a road trip out of state.
  5. Go camping.
  6. Jump off a cliff into a lake/river/the ocean/some large body of water, holding hands.
  7. Go photoboothing.
  8. Get up really early to drink coffee and go yard saleing 
  9. Spend a week at sea.
  10. Leave the country.
  11. Go dancing at a country western bar.
  12. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  13. Ride a motorcycle out to the middle of nowhere and have a picnic.
  14. Have a black and white movie marathon.
  15. Write handwritten letters to our grandchildren.
  16. Build something.
  17. Make a cheesy scrapbook of our life together.
  18. Learn a language together....or try to at least.
  19. Write each other notes on the bathroom mirror in magic marker.
  20. Go people watching and make up a life story for the people we see.
  21. Crash a wedding.
  22. Make boozy hot chocolate and walk around to look at Christmas lights.
  23. Carve a pumpkin.
  24. Get dressed up and slow dance in the living room.
  25. Drive separately to the same place, pretend we don't know each other and try to pick each other up.
  26. See a play.
  27. Do a scavenger hunt.
  28. Take a last minute weekend trip somewhere.
  29. Watch each other's favorite movies, and read each other's favorite books.
  30. Ditch work for a day to go bowling.
  31. Wrestle.
  32. Make each other handmade birthday cards.
  33. Play elaborate practical jokes on each other.
  34. Read to each other before bed.
  35. Throw a dinner party.
  36. Take way too many pictures.
  37. Babysit someone else's baby for a day.
  38. Go to Mardis Gras in New Orleans. 
  39. Tour a vineyard.
  40. Buy tickets to a bad movie, and kiss through the entire thing.
  41. Bury a time capsule. 
  42. Get our palms read.
  43. Make a huge Thanksgiving dinner for both our families.
  44. Spend Christmas or New Years in a place that snows.
  45. Teach me how to do something you're good at.
  46. Research our family histories.
  47. Make awkward family Christmas cards and send them to everyone we know.
  48. Draw each other's portraits. 
  49. Invent our own way of communicating with each other using hand and eye signals.
  50. See a baseball game during the day. Eat nachos, drink beer, and cheer for the away team.
  51. Do a karaoke duet in a bar.
  52. Spend a weekend in a cabin with no electricity or cell phone signal.
  53. Ride jet skis 
  54. Go para-sailing.
  55. Go scuba diving.
  56. Test drive a car we could never afford.
  57. Take a bicycle tour in a place we've never been.
  58. Make fudge. 
  59. Have a pillow fight.
  60. Run errands together in our pajamas.
  61. Carve our names into a tree.
  62.  Love each other. For the rest of our lives. 

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