Friday, September 23, 2011

Remembering to Forget

It was then, 
As her face swam toward his in the darkness of the car's interior
That he began to lose track of the meaning of his own thoughts
They all melted together into a mess of color and abstract shape like ruined crayons
And her lips met his without warning.
He kissed back timidly
Unsure what to do with his lips, his hands, the silence swimming around them
Until all the overwhelming thoughts and feelings uncertainty and fear were too heavy
So he just put them down.
He unloaded the heavy weight of consciousness and let his hands drift up to her hair as if they were weightless
Filled with Helium.
He drifted into her and thought of nothing
Allowing himself for the first time in months years
To exist in only one moment in time
With one person
And only one sensation:
Her lips on his
And then night rising up to meet them.

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