Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Pee Your Pants Cards

Nothing makes me happier than finding new and more interesting shit on the internet to laugh at. 
But, even when you follow 5 or 6 funny blogs, and regularly troll sites like XKCD, The Oatmeal and The Onion, surprisingly you can still run out of funny shit to read. 
This is clearly unacceptable.
Fearful of even one single day passing without me spitting out my coffee and laughing until I cried, I furiously searched the internets looking for something even remotely passable.

You'd be surprised how amazingly unfunny the majority of people are.

And then I found this: Someecards
And my life was forever changed.

This website is a huge compilation of the world's absolute funniest eCards in the history of ever.
Fuck those boring old eCards that have the same lame as fuck designs of things like kittens and confetti, and say bullshit things like "Happy Birthday". 
There is now a new way to not only say "Happy Birthday" but also show a little of your personality, and thoroughly disturb someone, all at the same time. 
And isn't that the point, really?
Why say "Happy Birthday!" When you can say:
And there are cards for all kinds of occasions, like:
Gettin your flirt on
Or, apologizing
And Anniversaries:

These cards are pretty, hilarious, and cover just about everything you should ever need to say to someone.
You can even make your own!
I made one, but it's just creepy enough that I'm not going to share it here, lest I risk violating my parole.

Happy Friday and happy eCarding!

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