Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Missing Piece

I want you to read me the paper while I drink coffee in our bed and resist getting up for the day
I want to sit on the back porch and drink white wine with you when you come home from work
I want the simple comfort of our daily life
Captured in soft phrases like 
"What would you like for dinner" or "Did you remember to wash my blue shirt?"
I want to abandon all of our responsibilities on a Sunday afternoon
And drive away with you.
I want to care for you when your sick
I want to cook bread and soup and sings songs to our children
Say prayers for each other's keep
And never stop planning our next adventure.
There was a time when I wanted everything
I wanted all the freedom and possibility in the world
I wanted to never be tied to one person.
But in my one desire to know you,
All else disappeared
And now all I want is a life less ordinary
With you.

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