Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I decided

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I decided on you, that was the thing.
I met you, and my heart said "That's it", and I chose you. 
And sometimes it was hard, and sometimes it was sad, and sometimes there was the taste of Tequila where there should've been the taste of your mouth and the shape of things we should've been saying to each other and just weren't
Sometimes it was goddamn impossible, and everything was too jagged and summers were too long and we had horrible timing.
But other times...
Other times it was waiting for our breakfast table and you'd hug me tight and hold me against your chest, there in front of everyone like we owned the restaurant
Other times it was coffee on your back porch, eggs in a hole, showers together, my head on your lap
Other times it was fucking paradise.
We had joy.
Pure joy.
Because I knew you, and you knew me, 
And all of our mistakes and flaws and shortcomings...
Everything we'd spent so long covering up with everyone else
It was all just there, out in the open between us two, and we looked at the big pile of who and what we both were, and looked back at each other 
And just said 

And then you put your arm around my shoulders, and we carried on together.

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