Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Beautiful Blaze


I feel like you've taken all of your promises, your sweet words
And hung them in the sky to make these stars
Because no night sky has ever looked so much like it spelled our names.
I can feel the heat in your palms,
The scent of our love burning seeping through the space between your fingers
As they trace my face and learn to draw me with your eyes closed.
I hold my ear to your chest
Listening to the steady echo of your drum-beat heart.
I feel myself stop shaking.
I read somewhere once that when someone has a restless spirit, 
The sound of another's heartbeat would soothe them.
Certainly you calm me darling,
Steadying me in your arms,
Pressing your kiss into my forehead
Just before your lips brush mine
Creating in me a contented soul that's 
Caught fire.

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