Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Sorry


I would like to take this time out to apologize to all the people I have been a psycho bee with an itch to this week, as I've struggled and tried to quit smoking, after seven blissful years of smoking.

I'm sorry that I cried at work {9 times in one day}

I'm sorry I couldn't stop saying inappropriate things at work, especially about all the people I normally just dislike, who this week, I've felt downright homicidal about. {not you Chuck}

I'm sorry that anyone had to see me crying, and stuffing dark chocolate in my mouth like premenstrual Queen Latifa.

I'm sorry that I may or may not have become irrationally emotional in Walmart, and then made Bill fight on the phone with me over literally nothing, because I didn't know what to do with all my spare time that I used to spend smoking.

I'm sorry that watching me eat sunflower seeds is comparable to watching someone with dentures eat corn on the cob.

I'm also sorry I can't stop eating sunflower seeds at work.

I'm also sorry my desk at work has so much food on it all the time now, that it slightly resembles John Goodman's Thanksgiving buffet table.

I'm sorry I decided to quit smoking in the same week that I have PMS.

I'm sorry to the people I stabbed, who suggested I might be PMSing.

So far, I've done well on the not smoking, and I'm proud of myself. Hopefully next week will be less Lifetime-movie, and more happy Sarah who doesn't smell like an ashtray or eat 5 bags of pretzel M&M's while crying at 9 in the morning.
{No promises on the M&M thing}


  1. Well my dear, I think you are doing a wonderful job and I think you are allowed to have an over emotional, and slightly neurotic, week every once-in-a-while. :-D Here's to a new week full of wonderful suprises and only crying eight times instead of nine ;-)

  2. People thought I was the devil when I quit smoking. I really tried to contain it but I was surprised that it totally took over my life and I was finally taking it back. It is both a physical and emotional battle. Congratulations though, you are winning over one of the strongest addictions a person can have. I know many of us are rooting for you and understand fully about the neurotic episodes. True friends will put up with this because they do feel for you. You are making a good choice but sometimes when we are going through something; it sure doesn’t feel like it and would rather bite someone’s head off. The positive thing is that your body is now in recovery and healing stage.

    Our minds over matter can do the most miraculous things. About 3 years ago I found out that I had a brain tumor, (which may explain some things ) while on vacation. I flew back to the states with my wife with the CD of my CAT scan. The next morning I went to St. Joes and they confirmed the tumor with an MRI. I then had surgery. The recovery and healing was harder than what the tumor caused. I lost feeling and couldn’t walk. In two weeks time I was walking again. It was because of stubborn persistence and faith that I could do it. I still have some numb areas on my leg and arm but the tumor is gone and I can walk.

    What I am trying to say is that you can do it. It will be a bitch, It will hurt, but you will be stronger.