Saturday, January 7, 2012

Child's Play


We were so young
And we blamed almost everything on that.
The way we left our dishes in the sink for days while we lay in bed and read too many books at once
The way we left our alcohol bottles out on the counter when we had company over
Unashamed of the fact that we rarely knew each other in a sober fashion
The way we smoked too much, and cussed too much, and kissed too much and lied too much
To each other about what our future would be like
To everyone else about how in love we were
To ourselves about how this would surely last forever
We were young when you lead me down the beach path, two champagne glasses in your tuxedo pocket
And a bottle of booze you lifted from your father's party
When you held the hem of my dress for me so it wouldn't drag on the ground
A little girl in her mother's evening gown and heels
Pearls borrowed from my sister for the occasion
We were young when you promised me the moon and the stars and even the clouds if I would promise you the rest of my life
And I was too young to stop giggling
And say no
But old enough to know better 
Than to say yes.

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