Sunday, January 22, 2012



I am not used to such a calm and graceful love
The only love I have ever known has been violent, overpowering and forceful
Tearing through my scenery like a strip mine,
Knocking over all my precariously stacked responsibilities
Leaving purple and blue fingerprints on my heart as it clutched and ripped it away
And not for any good use either
I have always been loved out of another person's curiosity for what was inside me
Only to be left reaching for a ghost, 
Once the mystery was solved, and it was discovered that my insides served little purpose for them anymore.
I have never known such a slow and gentle love
Like poured honey, migrating slowly over me until I am enveloped in it instead of caged by it
Adored instead of demanded
A love that is complete and warm, 
Passionate and accepting
Constant and strong
Understanding and deep
Running the entire depth of my soul
Reaching gently with nimble fingers into the tender and most tucked away soft corners of myself
The parts of me I had always kept hidden, saved just for myself
Now offered up eagerly to your kind eyes 
As you love me in such a lovely way.

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