Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Friday Diary-On Saturday

Hello world!
First off, I would like to say, ohholyfuck I missed blogging. Seriously. 
Next time I move, internet WILL be on in the new place before I move in. 
Lesson learned. Modern conveniences: 1 Sarah: 0


What have I missed since I've been gone?!
Someone please clue me in on the goings on of the universe. 

Also, and probably more importantly, what have YOU missed in my life?! 
See how important I think I am?

You missed this:

We haven't brought out TV over yet, and we didn't have cable or internet anyway, so I've been listening to a TON of music. Right now this song has creeped into my bloodstream and won't get out:

Tiny Little Fractures by Snow Patrol on Grooveshark


Thanks to Bill, and the fact that my new house is strategically located just down the street from Culvers, I now have a new addiction:
Culvers, bitch. It beats In and Out burger, hands freaking down, especially if you add grilled onions and Thousand Island to it.
Although they don't call that Animal style, which makes it slightly less fun.


On Sunday, we spent out very first night in our new house. It was scary.
The house isn't old, but it talks, like all houses do. Settling and creaking in the night, and making all kinds of fantastic noises that make me nearly pee the bed.
But we made the best of it, eating celebratory steak and mac and cheese for dinner

And enjoying nice hot baths in my new amazing bath tub:

Lainie and Jack were so tuckered out from moving, they both passed out promptly by 5:45 at night. 
For those of you who remember our co-sleeping struggles, you should be happy to hear that Jackson has been sleeping {most of the night} in his new big boy bed!!
Those blankets glow in the dark. 
On Thursday, after a very long and exhausting week of moving and entertaining kids without the aid of a TV or internet, I decided I deserved a little break.
So I threw myself a one man party:
Yes. I dipped my Oreos in Nutella. Judge me, I dare you. 
I've also been reading a great deal. I read two books in one week, in fact. Dancer with Bruised Knees by Lynn McFall, and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. 
I absolutely loved the former, and was just OK with the latter. 

All in all, it's been a long and tiring but ultimately really good week. 

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