Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our New House

As you may remember, I posted recently about how much I hate moving. 
I may have left a small nugget of info out there. 
I hate moving, except one part: finding my new house, and unpacking all my shit. 
It's just the searching and the calling and the driving and looking and uncertainty that I hate. 
I would like to announce today that I FOUND A HOUSE. 
And we are moving. 
Out of the ghetto we go. 
The kids each have their own room, I finally have a kitchen bigger than a closet, and we have separate bathrooms and a garage.
If you saw the shoe box we're in now, and the ghetto parking lot where people always steal my spot, you'd be very happy for us. 
And just because you didn't ask, here are some pictures of our new place. 

Front. Obviously.

Kitchen. Obviously.

Living room and part of the dining room.

Master bedroom and part of the master bathroom.

Yes. It's very beige. 
Can't have everything, right?

I am just in love with my new house, and I can't wait for the kids to see it. 
Yeah, I looked for and chose a house without their input. If I hadn't, we'd still be looking when Lainie graduates high school. 


  1. Oh, yeah, not everyone's a big fan of moving. Yep, it's beige, in a cool way. It's so nice that you got the house you love!

  2. Wow! Your house is amazingly huge! I want to have this kind of spacious house. Congratulations that you got a house that you have been wanting to have! :)