Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, California
March 2012
An anniversary trip, a weekend getaway, a still point in the turning world.

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{ Bill spent a lot of time with that map. Clearly. }

As always I wish I'd taken more pictures, and I hope that no matter how long I live I can still hold on to every single memory. Between the hot tub beneath the stars, and air that smelled like Christmas and bacon, I came away absolutely certain that Big Bear should be my home.
We did everything, and we did nothing.
Our first night there we ordered pizza, explored our cabin and navigated the hot tub on the deck outside.  The next day we slid on inner tubes Penguin style down a snowy mountain for hours, We walked all over town, then we laid on the couch watching T.V., before having our final dinner in town at a haunted, 1940's style restaurant. One morning we waited over an hour for the best {and biggest} breakfast I've ever had in my life, and the next we had muffins in bed while we watched the news together.
Whether we were lounging around the cabin in pajamas getting our cuddle on, or exploring every possible inch of Big Bear, playfully pushing each other back and forth as we walked down the curvy mountain roads, nothing else mattered. We were happy, we were in love, and we were blissfully lost in our own world, as if that little 12 mile town was our own personal universe.

For one weekend, I think it actually was.

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