Saturday, March 17, 2012

Truth Be Told....

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

Remember that song "You Belong With Me"?
I mean as if anyone could ever forget it, it gets played more than any song in the history of ever, on literally ever single fucking station.
Well, at first I thought it was a cute idea, cuz I always was the girl who wore t-shirts and sneakers and was friends with all the guys, so I was like "Yeah! Right on, a song for the tomboys!" 
But then after hearing it 20093402232981 times, I started thinking, ya know Taylor is being a little disrespectful to this guys relationship. I mean, stay out of it, right?!
Then I heard it more and was all "Bitch, seriously, if he wanted to be with you he would be. Maybe he doesn't like your stupid shoes, and he's really happy with his girlfriend. Back off!"
Then I heard it EVEN MORE and would cringe at the parts like "I'm in the room it's a typical Tuesday night, I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like" and think "Oh, what that makes you better than her?! We all like different things Taylor!" 
Or the part where she says "She doesn't know your humor like I do" and the way she sings's like she's actually singing in Italics. She says it in such a snide, I'm so much better than this other girl way, and it just pisses me off. Maybe the joke he made was legitimately rude, TAYLOR! Maybe what he said struck a nerve with his girlfriend due to some past emotional scar she's incurred either from him or an emotionally abusive father, TAYLOR! WE ALL FIND DIFFERENT THINGS FUNNY AND OFFENSIVE, STOP JUDGING EVERYONE.
AND stop trying to break up happy couples, you homewrecker!
Plus she is NOT a tomboy. She looked prettier than most actresses and is more dressed up than most performers on stage in girly clothes ALL THE TIME. And I'm getting seriously sick of the awkward teenagerish coy thing she has going on. She's almost the same age as me, stop acting like a blushing 17 year old, damn it!

Ugh. That just had to be said. 

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