Friday, March 16, 2012

The Friday Diary: 9 years ago today....


I seriously debated whether or not to do a Friday Diary this week, or not. 
Mainly because less than nothing happened this week. 
I mean that. I did a negative amount of things. I did so little, I went backward on the number line.
Ya dig?
My boss was out of town, therefor making work wholly uneventful, all the websites I usually download music from have been shut down, forcing me to pay for music like an honest citizen {pfffft} and there hasn't been anything new uploaded to YouTube.
I could tell you all about the spaghetti I made Wednesday night, but I have a feeling you don't care. 
Anyway, I was all set to not do it this week, until I checked my reader stats {never a good idea} and realized like 74% of my stats come from the Friday diaries. Seriously, some crazy high number of my posts that actually get read more than once, are all Friday diary posts. 
My blog could cease to exist all other days of the week, as long as I get on here and ramble about shit I found on the internet and what I'm wasting my money on, every single Friday. 
And I say, so be it. 

So, alas, here is my week in a recap. 
Enjoy....for some odd reason.


The cruise that Bill is taking me on to Italy has a mandatory formal night. 
Mandatory and formal are words that don't go well together in my opinion, but Bill is going to be wearing a tuxedo, so I decided I would try to step it up a notch as well. 
After scouring the internet for a reasonably priced evening gown that doesn't look like it doubles as a hooker's uniform, I narrowed it down to two choices:
Italy - Formal

Italy - Formal 2

I asked Bill's opinion and he made an infuriatingly good point: the cut of the silver one is perfect, as is the color of the green one. Find one that is cut like the silver one, and colored like the green one, without that stupid belt on the green one, and it'd be perfect.
So now I am desperately searching for a dress just like the silver one, but in dark, emerald green.
Help me. Please.


In other news, I am definitely buying this awesome decal:
And putting it above my bed.


So, the time has come I think to remove one {or at least part of one} of my tattoos.
Stupidly I tattooed my exboyfriends initials on my right hip when I was ya do.
But now I want it gone.
I looked around on the internets and found this. Anyone tried it?


The last two weekends of my life have been completely unproductive, and now my house is beginning to look like....I live here. It's getting gross. So I have this list of shit I need to do this weekend, and God help us all if it doesn't get done:

1. Clean my ever lovin bedroom and bathroom
2. Sweep and mop THE ENTIRE HOUSE
3. Buy real groceries
4. Clean out the freaking van and get it washed
5. Get my oil changed SERIOUSLY
6. Make my monthly Walmart trip to get the household stuff that is unfortunately cheaper there. *shudder* I hate Walmart.
7. Pay more bills
8. Clean the kitchen
9. Clean the babies room and wash all our sheets
10. Do massive amount of laundry and actually put it all away this time.

Yeah. I'll let you know what really gets done, and what just gets stared at for a long time, and then hopelessly crossed off the list.


This time last year I had every intention of blogging more. I ended up writing 6 posts that month. Fail.
But, this time last year I did post this which is full of very sweet pictures of an almost 3 year old Jackson. Now he's almost four. Even though I didn't actually follow through with the "these moments" every week thing, I'm glad I took those pictures and posted them.
This blog is such a bittersweet little time capsule sometimes.


If you want me to REALLY blow your mind, on this exact day in 2003 I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant with Lainie.
Yep, I remember the day.
Finding out you're 6 weeks pregnant when you're 15 years old is kind of a moment that stays with you.


For this week, I think that's all folks.
I wish I had more wit and humor and pretty pictures for you, but I am feeling somewhat low on inspiration right now. Maybe because I write these posts late at night when I'm falling asleep, maybe because it was an uneventful week and I have no good stories for you.
Maybe because my inspiration comes and goes like cravings for chocolate: when it's there, it's abundantly there. And when it's not, I'll still eat the chocolate, I just won't enjoy it as much.
Ya dig?

Happy Friday everyone.
Have an awesome St. Patricks Day.

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