Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 Photo Challenge: In Your Bag

In my bag, or as Bill calls it "my pocket book". But I always yell at him when he says that because my pocket book would be my wallet, if I was 80 and called my wallet my pocket book, but in no UNIVERSE would a pocket book be my purse BECAUSE WHO COULD FIT THAT PURSE IN THEIR POCKET?!
And it looks nothing like a book. 
But then he just says "It's a Boston thing" and my head explodes because he blames all the weird shit he does on being from Boston, except he doesn't have an awesome Boston accent to make up for it, except when he's hungry and kind of sounds like he's from Philly.
It's maddening. 

Anyway, for you nosy noodles who want to know what the small shit that you can't see the labels on is, I was nice enough to number it all for you.

1. Herbal children's cough medicine in travel size from Sprouts
2. Urban Decay "All Nighter" makeup spray. It's like hairspray for your maked-up face, and it keeps that shit from smudging, smearing and sweating off. I got it for Christmas from Bill's sister and that shit is awesome-sauce. 

3. Victoria's Secret Raspberry something or other body spray. It smells like Raspberry. End of story. 

4. EOS sweet mint lip gloss egg

5. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Simply the shit.

6. Urban Decay mascara in "Fresh". Also a Christmas gift from Bills sister. I've never met her, but I already kind of love her. 

7. Maybeline Age Rewind foundation in "Pale as all get out" shade. It has this fluffy little brush applicator tip thing, and its wonderful. It's the ONLY foundation that has ever matched my skin tone and it evens out my complexion perfectly. 

8. Maybeline Mineral Powder blush in light pink

All the other shit is a bottle of Motrin, some Olay face lotion, my wallet, my work badge, a two sided pocket mirror, hand sanitizer, sun glasses and a tire pressure gauge. 

And there you have it. 
Now you've gotten into my bag.

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