Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kickin it MySpace Style


So, I feel compelled to keep the five or six readers {and that's being wildly generous} that visit my blogisphere entertained while I'm on vacation because I'm a dedicated asshole that way.
I had the best intentions.
I was going to schedule a post to pop up for every day I was going to be gone.
It would be like I died but you kept getting letters from me in the mail to help you cope with the loss, like in P.S. I Love You, which was a BULLSHIT movie AND book because they both made me cry the ugly cry.
Anyway, about 3 scheduled posts in I ran completely out of ideas.
Yesterday all you got was a retyped copy of Desiderata by Max Erhmann, and a picture I made a year and a half ago with my stolen copy of Photoshop.
Just kidding. I never stole anything.
Today is not going to be any better for you, and I'm truly sorry.
Feel free to go read some actually decent blogs if you want real substance until I return from making an ass of myself overseas. 
{YES all three of the words 'actually decent blogs' linked to a separate blog that is entirely better than mine. YOU'RE WELCOOME}
{P.S. Don't leave me}

Today we're going to kick it MySpace style. 
Remember MySpace?
Sure you do, it's that old social "networking" site that we all like to pretend we weren't addicted to back in the day, when you were the shit if you knew how to make those little heart gif's rain down all over your profile page.
And surveys.
Don't even ACT like you didn't LOVE MySpace surveys.
You'd see them pop up in the bulletins section, aka the "news feed" and you would just be DYING to copy and paste those 200,000 questions into a new bulletin so you could answer them all too, and tell the whole world what your favorite flavor of ice cream is, and which side of the bed you fart on.

Well, here is a little Thursday morning blast from the past for you.
Except I couldn't remember all the right questions so I made them up.

Favorite Color: Red. But I also REALLY like black and bright pink. And several shades of blue. AND SHINY THINGS.
McDonalds or Burger King: In and Out Burger
Vodka or Whiskey: Captain Morgan
Favorite Ice Cream: Bill has taught me not to have a favorite, but if I had to pick it would be coffee ice cream with crushed up oreos in it. 
Nickname: Sarebear, chinchilla, Scott, Sargent, Hippy and Coraline.
Favorite Time of Day: 8 p.m.
Favorite Song: Right now it's Some Nights by fun.
Most Lusted After Celebrity: Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling
Random Fact About You: I can't whistle, cross my eyes or blow smoke rings. But I can wiggle my ears and roll my tongue.
A Skill You Wish You Had: Singing ability
What Always Makes you Laugh: Bill or my kids
What Always Pisses You Off: Being interrupted
What Are you Hypocritical About: Interrupting others.
When Do You Wake Up: If by wake up you mean get out of bed, then 6:30, if by wake up you mean be able to function, then 9 a.m.
What Would You Do If You Could Do Anything Right Now: Well, right now I'm in Italy with my boyfriend, and that's pretty cool, so I guess the only other thing would be play with a baby black bear. That'd be boss.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Shoes or Barefoot: pink socks
Favorite Smell: My kids when they're clean, Bill when he's not.

I hope you all learned something here today.

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  1. Ah Myspace...sometimes I actually forget that it existed :-)