Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bill's Happy Birthday

Today is Bill's Happy Birthday.
I figured every guy gets a card on his birthday from his girlfriend, but only guys who are cursed lucky enough to date a blogger  get a WHOLE blog post written just for them {for the entire world to see} on their birthday. 
That's way better, right?.....Right?

Anyway Bill, today is your birthday and I hope it's truly wonderful. And in case you were wondering, here are a few reasons why I love you.

1. Your blue, blue eyes. To be honest, I never considered myself a sucker for blue eyes. I always was more partial to green, and blue just seemed so stereotypical. I mean how many love songs are there that go on and on about "baby blue eyes" or "deep blue eyes" or "bright blue eyes"?  Maybe I just didn't want to be another one of those girls. 
But your eyes are such a pretty shade of blue, and with your dark hair and big smile, well they just light up the room like nothing else. 

2. You clean the kitchen after I make breakfast. Which is quite sexy.

3. You get the little things, and you pay attention to the details.

4. You can bring me out of a grumpy mood faster than anyone with your kiss stealing and how easily you make me laugh.

5. You're an amazing father.

6. You are incredibly graceful under pressure. You can be juggling about 40 million things {which you usually are} and it never shows. You don't {often} take your stress out on other people, and you can let almost anything roll off your back. I am so envious of your amazing strength.

7. You clean when you're angry, which is very productive. All I do when I'm angry is pout and cry and eat chocolate until I pass out. 

8. You're the giver I wish I was. 

9.  You almost always text me good morning first.

10. You're easily the smartest man I know.

11. You always make me feel like I am the only girl in the room when we go out. I never catch you eye balling other girls, or checking out our waitress. Even if you do those things, you have the decency to do them discreetly, and make me feel like I'm the only person there that interests you.

12. You're quite romantic, and in such a sweet and unexpected way.

13. You send me pictures of you randomly, and they always make me smile.

14. You're old fashioned and chivalrous, and I very much adore that.

15. There's just absolutely nothing in the world that melts my heart like your kiss, or the feel of your hand on my face, or my head on your shoulder. When I can hear your heartbeat, and feel your warmth, and smell the cologne that you wear just because I like it. Those moments with you mean more to me than anything.
Thank you for giving me the best love of my entire life.

I'm so glad you were born.

P.S. Thank you for also putting up with me, even though our relationship is basically like this:


  1. Thank you, babe! Best present I got today!

    1. You're welcome my love. Anything to make you smile :)