Friday, May 11, 2012

The Friday Diary: Our Week in Phone Photos


It's Friday, and I am tired.
Who isn't exhausted by Friday, honestly?
Well, let me rephrase: Who over the age of 21 with a real job and responsibilities isn't exhausted by Friday?
When I hear people at work talking about going out Friday night, I cringe.
I can't imagine going home, taking off my stuffy work clothes, just to shower and do my hair and make up and try to pick out a decent outfit all over again, and then cram my poor tired footsies back into a pair of heels, to go stand all night in a crowded, loud bar with bad music and expensive drinks.
Really, I can't imagine going to do anything after I get home and get out of my work clothes. 
I'm lucky if I make it to the grocery store to get food for dinner.
Honestly most Fridays I don't. 
If there's nothing in the house for dinner, we're getting pizza.
Maybe I'm getting older, maybe it's the job I'm working, but by the end of the work week I am freaking exhausted.
So for the Friday Diary this week you get a whole bunch of pictures off my phone, that somewhat tell the story of what we did this week.
To be honest it's mostly pictures of what we ate.
Clearly I'm into food.


How's unpacking going, you ask?

Homemade chicken burritos with all the best trimmings.

Homemade chicken fingers, pasta and salad. This dinner was suggested by my friend Chris at work who's been raising kids for almost as long as I've been alive. She said she guaranteed my kids would eat everything on their plate. 
She was right.

$200.00 and trip to Target later, and the kids have new shoes and Summer clothes. This is Lainie's new favorite outfit {and mine too}. Little girls are just adorable in rompers.

The first Starbucks I've had in forever. I was legitimately addicted to iced white chocolate mochas last summer, so now every time I think I want one I talk myself out of it.
But I had so much cleaning to do on Sunday, and it was so nice outside, that I decided it would be ok for the kids and I to walk over to Starbucks and indulge.
I did end up getting a shit load of stuff done that day....

When the kids won't stop fighting, I make them do yard work. 
Works every time. 
Oh and stop judging me for the size of my weeds, ok, whenever I try to go pull them I get hot or thirsty or itchy or distracted by something shiny/edible.

Frozen yogurt from Zoyo in Chandler. How did I never know until now how AWESOME self serve frozen yogurt places were?!

This is what cleaning all day does to my beauty regimen. 
Oh who the hell am I kidding, I always look like this.


Look, it rained in Phoenix!!!!

Happy Friday!

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