Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Little Things: An Attitude Adjustment


I've had kind of a shitty attitude lately.
I think it's time I adjusted that.
The trip to Italy was disappointing, but the pictures were beautiful, lessons were learned and Bill and I are still here. 
So there.
Work is stressful and my boss is borderline psychotic {at best} but I have a job, a good one, for a good company, and I make good money.
My kids are fed, our rent is paid and we have clothes to wear and when you get right down to it, an abundance of blessings compared to some.
It's not the big things, it's the little things.
It's the sound of Jack breathing, deep asleep beside me when I wake up in the morning.
It's a perfectly made cup of coffee as soon as I get to work. 
It's watching a thunderstorm build from the windows of my office.
It's knowing that on Saturday I get to fall into the arms of the man I love, and I will be welcome there.
It's hugging Lainie hello at the end of a hard day.
It's listening to the kids play together and actually get along.
It's summer approaching and all the things I have planned for the kids.
It's jeans day on Friday.
It's a good nights sleep, and a super hot shower in the morning.
It's my favorite song on the radio.
It's feeling like a celebrity because my little blog has 11 followers.
It's finding the perfect birthday gifts for Bill AND Jack in the same week.
It's love, and deciding to feel it.
It's life, and deciding to live it.

It's the little things.


  1. Recognizing the little things is a sure-fire way to feel happier my friend. I like that you made a list of them...always refer back to it whenever you're feeling down.

    1. Whats something little that always makes you happy?