Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Book Club

What if I had a crazy idea?
What if I told you that between work and kids and a house that always needs cleaning and a pile of laundry that never stops growing and a me that keeps getting older, that keeping connected with friends, let alone making new ones, just seems to get harder and harder?
What if I also told you that the feeling of only ever "connecting" via text or email or Facebook really drives me crazy?
With cell phones and kindles and social media, how often do we curl up on the couch across from our best friend to girl talk the night away with?
When do we kick it old school and throw a real book in our bags, to read on the bus, on our lunch hour or before we go to sleep at night?
Remember girls night?
Remember stacks of books on your nightstand?
I do.
And so, I'm thinking about going to start a book club.
Maybe even a wine and book and book club!
A place where whoever wants to come, can try a new wine and read a new book and stuff their face with baked goods, all while reconnecting with like minded people the old fashioned way: in person.
Call me crazy, but a good time to me sounds like meeting once a month to talk with other people who've all read the same stories as I have, about what parts moved us, what scared us, and which characters we saw ourselves in.
Because you always see yourself in a good story, right?

So....would you come?


  1. I think a book club is a fantastic idea my friend

    1. Thanks! I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes. I have about 7 ppl interested so far but we'll see how many actually show up :)