Friday, July 13, 2012

The Friday Diary: I Have Today Off, Suckers!


Happy Friday everybody!
Isn't Friday awesome?
Don't answer that, because I already know the answer, and the answer is fuck yes.
Fridays are especially awesome when you don't have to work. 
Which I don't. 
Suck it, corporate world.
Today, whilst I am laying in bed reading a stack of books {a chapter or two of each, rotating frequently of course} and eating Chinese food, I will leave you with a nice little recap of the nothing I did this week. 


  bAbY i LiKe It by Enrrique Iglesias ft. Pitbullē¤€ on Grooveshark
{It's not Friday until you get down to a little Enrique, ya heard?!}


Jackson: Lainie how does honey happen?
Lainie: Bees make honey
Jackson: No, bees make me cry when they sting me
Lainie: Yeah, but they also make honey.
Jackson: I don't believe you
Lainie: They do! They fly around getting flower juice from all the flowers, and that's called nectar. Then they mix it with pollen, which is like their fur, and that makes honey. Then they deliver it to the people and people sell it in stores.
Jackson: I don't believe you still.
Lainie: Then why don't you go ask mom?
Jackson: Because it's none of her business.

Sassy pants.


I was disappointed.
It's the movie a horny 19 year old stoner who loves UFC fights and carrying a hand gun down the waistband of his Hollister pants would write.
Oliver Stone. What happened to you??



I don't normally do this. Post about the shit I wear. Mainly because I'm terrible at dressing myself.
But I went as a Hipster to work the other day and at the time it seemed noteworthy.
Not as much now.
I don't get fashion.






In typical "a million years behind every trend" fashion, I am finally reading this book.
It better be amazing.
I need some amazing, you feel me?



I got flowers at work on Thursday!
And chocolate.
But I ate the chocolate before I could photograph it.
There's just no time to fuck around with cameras when chocolate is involved, people!
Anyway, Bill loves me. And I'm the luckiest girl in the history of ever.


And now for some phone pictures, because I've ran out of real things to tell you about:

1. Taking yet another picture of my son sleeping. Jack will surely be creeped out by all the pictures of him sleeping when he's older.
2. Our kitchen, finally kid-artworked-out. We always have a wall or a pantry door or a somewhere in our house that is dedicated to showing the kids' artwork. Lainie pointed out that we hadn't made one yet in our new house, so we rectified that lickety split. Looking at it makes me happy.
3. A nice round of Candy Land with the kids. I forgot how easy this game is. There's almost no thinking involved at all. Which is nice when it's Thursday night and you're tired. #lazyparenting. 4. Daycare is hard. 

Happy Friday everybody!