Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's There

Sometimes when it's hard to not be with you,
When my bones ache for wanting to lay down beside you,
On nights when sleep seems impossible without you,
I think about all the things that mean you love me.
The kisses on my forehead when we're watching T.V.
The doors you hold open and the hand on the small of my back as we walk through a restaurant
The m&m's you always share with me and the forgiveness you've given me
The meals you've helped me cook and the breakfast you always appear grateful for and the shower that you always get up first to turn on
The texts and the letters and the thoughtful gifts
The flowers and the I Love You's and the I'm Sorries 
The songs and the mixed CD's and the way you hold my hand in the car
The favors and the loans and the wiped away tears
The cuddles and the trips and the surprises and the stories
The secrets and the moments where I think we couldn't get much closer 
I think about all the things that mean you love me, and then I can rest.
Because even when I can't be with you, when my head can't fall on your chest and your arms can't wrap around my waist,
Even when I can't physically touch your love, 
Sometimes it's enough just to know that it's there.

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