Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dance With Me

Romy Schneider & Alain Delon chez eux à Tancrou 1959

Dance with me.
When there aren't any words for all the things that make us tired.
Dance with me.
Take me by the hand like they did in black and white movies.
Lead me through the dimly lit living room.
You can turn the radio on
Or you can hum in my ear
Or we can sway back and forth to the sound of our hearts and the rhythm of our breath
And it won't matter.
When storm clouds fill our eyes
When we tie our lungs in knots from trying to explain our separate points of view
And over
And over again
Just dance with me.
I will lay my head against your chest and we will slow dance,
And everything will be ok.
Nothing will need to be said because a waltz says everything.
It says I love you even when you're too angry to.
It says I'm beautiful and you're charming
Even when neither of us feel like anything better than confused kids
Wearing our parents suits and dresses.
When the rest of the world makes too much Goddamn noise
Just dance with me.