Friday, August 3, 2012

The Friday Diary: Stuff and Things


Jolene by Ray LaMontagne on Grooveshark
 I am absolutely loving Ray Lamontagne  right now. I listen to it all day at work {aka when I can get away with wearing headphones} and while I'm falling asleep at night, with a little Rainy Mood in the background to provide some white noise.
Those two things after a scalding hot shower? Mama's out like a light in 3...2....1


Bill: That's so interesting. Fill my vessel with your knowledge.
Me: That's disgusting. Don't ever tell me to fill your anything with my anything ever again.
Bill: Yeah, but it got you to stop talking. That was pretty cool.
Me: Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

Except for that he's not. He's the best.
He still says disgusting things though.



Giovanni Valentino. My newest nephew, making a total of 4 nephews, added to my 3 nieces, and now us four kids have given my dad 9 grand kids. Crazy.



The Watch
Trailer: Neighborhood Watch
It wasn't the highest brow humor I've ever seen, but it was definitely funny. We laughed through most of it. Someone did bring a baby into the theater though, and I did not laugh at that.
Not. Even. Once.



Dawson's Creek is now available on Netflix. Since I'm out of Grey's episodes and I've watched Sleepless in Seattle more times than I can-or am willing to-count, I decided on a whim to start watching Season One of Dawson's on Sunday night. This show pretty much instantly takes me back to 1998, watching this show every single week with my sisters and the kids next door, all of us piled on the couches together, watching this unbelievably cheesy teen melodrama unfold with baited breath.
Nothing makes me want to bust out my Shawn Culvin CD and puka shell necklace like this show. Maybe next I'll watch Charmed and start wearing Tommy Girl perfume again.



Marion Bolognesi's watercolors. I absolutely can't handle how beautiful this one is. It takes my breath away-literally-every time I look at it.


I heart the Golden Girls!

Check it out. It's a Nana fight.


So. That's the haps these days on the internets. I hope you all had a fantastic week. Stay tuned for next week, when I turn 25 and inevitably do something embarrassing whilst celebrating my birthday. Like I do every single year.
Hey, remember the year Bill made me drink alcohol out of a plunger on my birthday?!

I do.

Happy Friday.

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